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Sailing at night with the Bimini top restricting visibility to the sails you have to rely on the compass for steering the boat on the proper heading. How do you do this?
Use the

The weather report gives the wind direction in 2 points of the compass rose.
What are the degrees for each of the 8 points?
(NE, SE SW NW N, E, S, W ) 



What will be the compass degrees be for each point of sail with a given wind direction?

At what degrees will an accidental jibe possibly take place with each given wind direction when you steer those degrees?

Your course to a destination (Rhumb line) is 136 degrees. The wind is SE at 10 knots. Can you sail the Rhumb line? What point of sail will you be able to sail to reach your destination? What will be the compass reading?


With this entire math to figure out wouldn’t it be nice to have a “computer” to easily ascertain the correct compass degrees?

There is such a “computer” Use the Dial-A-Sail.
 Just Dial in the Wind Direction and
instantly all the necessary information is provided

To sail fast and safe, use the Dial-A-Sail to properly sail the boat to the true wind on the best point of sail --- then adjust the sails to the apparent wind for maximum speed.

Knowing the degrees of the accidental jibe zone allows the compass to warn you of any danger. Order yours today with PayPal. 



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